Field Marshal Sir John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford GCB GCH

Appointed Colonel of the 29th Regiment of Foot on the 23rd January 1828.

John Byng was born in 1772, the 3rd son of G. Byng, Esqre., of Wrotham Park, Barnet.

As John Byng he was appointed Ensign of the 33rd Regiment of Foot on the 30th September 1793, and to Lieutenant on the 1st December 1793.

Promoted to Captain on the 24th May 1794. He served in Flanders and Holland, and was wounded on 8th January 1795 at Guildermalsen.

Became Major of the 60 Regiment of Foot on the 28th December 1799.

He was promoted to Lieut.-Colonel of the 29th Regiment of Foot on the 14th March 1800. On 4th August 1804 was removed to 3rd Foot Guards, and the following year served in the Expedition to Hanover.

In 1807 took part in the Expedition to Copenhagen.

Married Marianne James, daughter of Sir Walter James James, on 9th May 1809 (She died on 26th October 1845).

Succeeded to Earldom of Strafford on the 14th August 1809, and that year served with the Expedition to Walcheren.

Was appointed Colonel on the Staff in the Peninsula War in 1811 commanded a Brigade in the 2nd Division of the army under Lord Hill, and was present with it in all the movements and affairs with the enemy in Southern Spain.

Major General 4th June 1813; was engaged at Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Pampeluna (where he was wounded), Nivelle (he was wounded and had 2 horses shot under him), passage of the Nive, and affair before Bayonne on the 13th December 1813, when he had another horse shot under him.

In 1814 was engaged with the enemy at Espellette, Heights of Garris, Orthes, Aire, and Toulouse.

He commanded the Brigade of Guards at Waterloo, and the first Corps of the Army, which marched on Paris, and by occupying the Heights of Belleville and Montmartre, subsequently gained possession of that city.

Was appointed Colonel of the 2nd W. I. Regiment on the 26th July 1822.

Promoted to the rank of Lieut.-General on the 27th May 1825. On 23rd January 1828 was transferred to the Colonelcy of the 29th Regiment of Foot.

In 1835 was created a Baron, and in 1847 advanced to 1st Earl of Strafford.

Transferred to the Colonelcy of the Coldstream Guards on the 15th August 1850.

Promoted to the rank of Field Marshal on the 2nd October 1855, and died in Lower Grosvenor St. on the 3rd June 1860.